Our company focuses primarily on that important stage in the lifecycle of a business, when the ownership of a company needs to change hands.

Companies are a combination of assets and people and sometimes it is not possible or desirable to sell the entire company. This means that we come across many investment opportunities, not only of (parts of) established companies, but also of assets, participations and new projects.

It is our commitment to find solid and promising investment opportunities for investors or to find investors for spin-offs (parts of existing businesses), assets that needs to be sold or new projects that need investors or participants (start-ups).

When considering selling an asset, property or project, the owner needs to keep various options open. We need to distinguish between the types of investors and where to find them. We need to prepare the right documentation and selling tools to stir interest and prepare the investment proposal. The owner needs to know the alternatives and the consequences of selecting and approaching a specific investors’ group.

We offer our professional mediation services to both the current owners of investment opportunities (selling parties) and future owners and investors looking for these opportunities (buying, participating or investing parties) alike.

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Investors, searching for investment opportunities

Once decided to look for an investment in a certain industry and/or market, one need to define what to look for, what is the profile and what are the under and upper limits for the investment. One has to think about either buying shares (participations) or assets, how to structure the investment, how the project operation is run once the investment is made (f.e. are personnel and management up to their tasks?) or how to develop a property.

Since investing in an asset or project inevitably means that someone else is selling an asset or (part of) a project, both processes are very similar; each step in the investment process is mirrored by a similar step for a selling party. Any successful transaction can therefore only happen, when these processes coincides and are aiming for a positive result.

The search for and the investment in an asset or project can be a lengthy process. During that process an investing party may change their mind and/or priorities. In our seven-step approach we continuously monitor the progress of the process; if needed or appropriate we advise a change in the course of action. If no suitable assets, properties or projects can be found, we need to adjust the initial definition and specification of the investment target.