Exit Strategy Planning

After the years of hard work and growing your business it is of the utmost importance to avoid mistakes when selling your business. A well-developed exit strategy shows you, as a business owner, how to maximize the value of your business and minimize taxes. It also ensures that you will achieve all your personal and…

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Entry Strategy Planning

When considering an entry in a new market, or an expansion or  diversification of existing activities, a buyer or investor has several options to pursue their goals. The acquisition of an existing company is one of these options. Our research and analysis will give you the desired leverage and strengthen your position while negotiating a…

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Investment Opportunities

Our company focuses primarily on that important stage in the lifecycle of a business, when the ownership of a company needs to change hands. Companies are a combination of assets and people and sometimes it is not possible or desirable to sell the entire company. This means that we come across many investment opportunities, not…

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Specialized Services

It is our commitment to find acceptable and profitable solutions for all parties involved in the process. Therefore we not only offer our services as a package (an entry or exit plan, or the representation to sell a company, the engagement to search for businesses), but also for specific tasks during these processes.   We…

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Business Search

A business going!  If you have your own business, if you seek economic independence and if you want to be your own boss, there is a better option than buying a going concern. With an existing business and you buy a range of products / services in a proven expertise location. You will have to…

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