It is our commitment to find acceptable and profitable solutions for all parties involved in the process. Therefore we not only offer our services as a package (an entry or exit plan, or the representation to sell a company, the engagement to search for businesses), but also for specific tasks during these processes.

We offer specialized services in each step of the process, and our clients can select which services they need and for what they want to contract us: we offer what is needed to facilitate a solution, to help conclude the transaction.

For more information about us representing you during the selling or buying of a business, please send your e-mail to

The specialized services we can provide are directed both at current business owners and the future business owners. It really does not matter too much if the new owners have bought the company or inherited, if the business was sold or bought through the shares or the assets, in each and every case both parties require specialist services.

In case one or both parties are not represented by a professional intermediary, they will need to contract these specialized services themselves for every step in the process, while they advance in the negotiations. In case there are professional intermediaries involved, most likely they will also need to outsource certain specialized services at different stages of the acquisition process.

5 Types of Services

There are basically 5 types of services we can provide or assist with, on a stand-alone basis or any combination of 2 or more; we offer our services to the current and future business owners, their advisors, other professionals and/or the business itself, subject of the transaction:

  1. Legal Services;
  2. Fiscal Services;
  3. Managerial/Administrative services;
  4.  Process related services:
  •  Commercially related
  •  Financially related