Is 2017 the Year to Invest in Spain?

Spain is not only a good destination for investment and enterprise creation. Today is probably one of the best options in the European Union. There are many elements that justify this reality, in this case we will review some of the reasons to invest in Spain. 1 - It's time to invest in Spain The beginning of economic growth … Continue reading Is 2017 the Year to Invest in Spain?

For All First-Time Business Buyers

There are several factors you need to consider before purchasing a business, the first being the type of business you'd like to buy. Once you've determined that, your to-do list will be lengthy: You must identify businesses of that type that are for sale, contact the seller, complete a basic analysis of the business, make … Continue reading For All First-Time Business Buyers

7 Biggest Mistakes When Buying a Business

Business buying is complicated. There is lots to think about and do, and many pieces of paper to sign. And lots of money going out the door. Just so you don't forget anything, I have collected some bits of wisdom about buying a business, from my consultations with business owners. Mistake #1 - Signing documents … Continue reading 7 Biggest Mistakes When Buying a Business

20 Key Due Diligence Activities in an M&A Transaction

By David Lipkin | In: Business Planning, Buying a Business, Legal, M&A Transactions By Richard D. Harroch and David A. Lipkin Mergers and acquisitions typically involve a substantial amount of due diligence by the buyer. Before committing to the transaction, the buyer will want to ensure that it knows what it is buying and what obligations it is assuming, the nature and … Continue reading 20 Key Due Diligence Activities in an M&A Transaction

How to Buy a Business

Buying an existing business can be a great opportunity to get into business without going through the process of starting from scratch. If you buy a turnkey operation, you can skip the startup phase entirely and begin operations as soon as the sale is complete; everything is already set up and ready to go.