Is 2017 the Year to Invest in Spain?

Spain is not only a good destination for investment and enterprise creation. Today is probably one of the best options in the European Union. There are many elements that justify this reality, in this case we will review some of the reasons to invest in Spain.

1 – It’s time to invest in Spain

The beginning of economic growth and at the same time the progressive increase in the economic activity in recent years, is an opportunity for the foreign investor to acquire better prices than when the process of consolidation is completed.


This is a reality that for several years has been forging because of the negative factors mainly related to the labor market. Nevertheless, economic growth and strengthening of the positive elements that we will review in this article is a reality that has led Spain to a situation of overall improvement in market confidence.

2 – Competitive salaries

Wage competitiveness is a verifiable fact when, for example, we can say that the giants of the automotive industry are committed to build in our country. This gives us a real measure of competitiveness increase, among other factors, that is derived from wage moderation.

While in Europe, unit labor cost has increased in recent years about 10%, in Spain this cost has been reduced. Therefore, we have a workforce that is between 25% and 30% cheaper than the average of the eurozone.

3 – Margin Improvement



Internationally, Europe is considered by the entire business community as a long-term safe and serious venture, and as an attractive destination for global investment in the coming years.

Spain is positioned as one of the countries with the most room for improvement projection, this would be reflected in the ability to have better access and better prices for investments, and will continue the process of improvement over time.

The 2015 closure brought us relevant data in this regard: with an annual economic growth of 3.2%, a constant evolution in private demand, the growth of household consumption and the financing capacity for job creation.

4 – Favourable environment for business creation


Starting a business in Spain is a simple process that requires some time and knowledge, but it is available to anyone with sufficient means. The business models follow the line marked on aggregate OECD countries with variable gain access to different possibilities, responding to different needs. With an overview of broad societal choices able to accommodate to different business models. To this we add an area for the liberalization of foreign investment and that the exchange control is very wide, following the rules of the EU.

5 – Trust of the markets

business-1989126_1280 copy

Even during complex political processes and the periods of peace before the creation of a new government, the market trust is more than reasonable toward Spain.

This is nothing new, movements made in recent years as buying debt on the secondary market by the ECB, joined federal movements in Europe, as well as the defense of the euro has also affected the Spanish economy which, far from a premium of extremely high risk, in the last four or five years remains stable, with interest payments reduced debt and solid in terms generally recovered by investors confidence.

6 – Favourable Legislation on patents and trademarks

forms-2004856_1280 copy

Spain has a modern and appropriate legislation to the times, as far as patents, trademarks and industrial designs.
Spain is, for example, the second country in the world with more renewable energy patents per capita, ahead of economies like the United States, and in some areas that are world leaders in the receipt of technology patents, as in innovation in the field of solar energy.
This preferential treatment to patents and trademarks makes Spain a more attractive destination for investment in technology, and in general for a faster and more effective handling of both processes.

7 – An open market economy with global presence.

computer-767776_1280 (1) copy

In less than 20 years, the external sector of the Spanish economy has doubled it’s percentage of GDP.
If before the start of this century, business activity abroad of Spanish companies represented only 35% of GDP, in recent years this figure has risen to over 60%.

The presence of Spanish companies in all areas of the international economy speaks of an open market economy, with an extensive global presence that puts the country as an attractive and strong economic power.

8 – A real estate become great opportunity

The reactivation of the Spanish real estate sector after the crisis period and the so-called housing bubble, is a reality. However, the price of housing is far from what at the time represented, and it is still far from what is expected to grow. This variable, easy to interpret, makes todays investment in Spain extremely attractive for foreign investors who want to purchase housing at competitive prices, with potential for high growth in the coming years.

The importance of real estate in Spain has been relevant, and continues to be essential,therefore, this leads to opportunities in the right direction for the foreign investor sector.

9 – Excellent geographical location

In a world of globalized economy there is no doubt that geographical location plays an important role in deciding the creation of businesses or investments.
Spain, at this level, becomes undoubtedly one of the best places to start a business or to invest, as it is in a privileged location for conducting international business.

Do not forget that not only belong to the EU but also represents a pivotal point in contact with America, and at the same time, the gateway to the African continent, not forgetting the direct connections with Europe.

10 – Great tourist and cultural power

Finally, we can’t forget that nearly 80 million tourists visit Spain each year. This not only become a major economic engine, with tens of billions of euros in income that make the world’s second country with most income from this source (only behind the United States) but also generates enormous prestige thank to the cultural and tourist potential that represents.


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