One of your options in an exit plan is the sale of the business or company. Once the decision has been taken to sell a company B.A. Boss offers its’ representation to act on your behalf.

Precisely what are the services that we offer? We have broken down the acquisition process of a business or company in 5 steps (see figure below).

process of selling a business bab 2019

When considering selling a company, the owner needs to keep various options open (see also:”Are you building a company worth buying?“).

We need to distinguish between the types of buyers and where to find them. We need to prepare the right documentation and selling tools to find them and prepare the offering. The owner needs to know the alternatives and the consequences of selecting and approaching a specific group.

There are basically three types of buyers for a business:

  1.      Strategic buyer;
  2.      Financial buyer;
  3.      Asset stripper.

Which of these three types will ultimately be the best for you as a business owner depends on various factors, such as the current economic climate, your motives for an exit, your financial needs now and after an exit, your peace of mind.