Bosch Is Launching an Electric Scooter Sharing Service in Barcelona

Photo via getmobility.deBosch

Mobility SolutionsBosch is widely known for their refrigerators and washing machines, however, home electronics form only a fraction of the Bosch Group’s business. They also deal with something called Mobility Solutions, which encompasses a wide range of services in the areas of vehicle technology and software solutions. Not many people know that it’s actually Bosch systems that open the sluice gates of the Panama Canal and that move the London Eye.

Bosch also designs systems to help make our lives in traffic easier, including sensors that aid with parking, accident alerts, and systems that you can use to book a table at a restaurant while on the go or communicate with your home appliances. They’re also invested in developing an emergency call system that ensures emergency services are alerted and arrive on time even if the vehicle’s driver is unconscious.

Bosch Is Launching an Electric Scooter Sharing Service in Barcelona - Tech News

Would you like it if more electric scooters were to appear on the streets of Barcelona?


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